Registration Help

Critical Registration Information
To register you'll need the following:
Bill-To Account#: Enter the Company account number that appears on your invoice.
Ship-To Account#: Enter the Store account number that appears on your invoice. Is usually the same as the Bill-to if company has only one location.
Store Phone#: The phone recorded in your account information.

Managing Multiple Locations/Accounts
A login for an individual location consists of an email address and password. You can use the same email address for multiple logins, but they have to have different passwords. For instance, say you manage two locations (store1 & store2). To register individual logins for both locations, you can use a single email address ( with unique passwords (passstore1, passstore2).

Common Registration Issues
Dashes or other characters in the phone number field. Please use only numbers (1235557890).
Incorrect phone number in our system. If your phone number has changed and our system is not aware of the change, it will require the number used when the account was created or last updated to permit registration.

If you have any other issues or questions, feel free to call us!

Thank you for choosing Lone Star Pet Supply.

User Registration Help 
    All fields are required.
First Name:  
Last Name:
Bill-To Account#:   As printed on your invoice.
Ship-To Account#:   As printed on your invoice.
Store Phone#:   Numbers only. ( i.e. 2015558980)
Login Information
Email Address:   Login confirmation will be sent to this address.
Desired Password:   Minimum of six characters (Alphanumeric, underscores &  periods.)
Type password again: